Work On Your Craft – Everyday

It doesn’t matter what sport you play, but if you want to be an elite athlete in your particular field, you need to work on your craft every single day. It doesn’t always have to be running sprints, lifting, taking a full BP, or playing nine innings – it can be as simple as taking 25 dry swings.

The key is, you have to do this EVERYDAY!

I truly believe that hitting is based on “feelings.”¬†It may sound a little weird, but just imagine your best game you’ve ever had at the plate. Do you remember feeling like you couldn’t swing and miss? It’s one of the greatest experiences a baseball player can have, and hopefully you can maintain that feeling for as long as possible!

What you should focus on each day is striving to find that same ‘good vibes’ feeling that you had when you were swinging it so well at the plate! Sure, you can work on mechanics sometimes, but you should always swing or throw until you get that feeling, then stop. At that point you’ve gotten some work in and you’re ready to move on.

Whether you had a really busy day at school or work or you just can’t find the time to get a longer workout in, make sure you try to improve¬†your craft everyday and try to get that feeling!