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As you know, I am constantly recording new videos, and most will NO LONGER be uploaded to the public, they are only available to members of this website.

This website was created in late June 2012, so it will be rapidly expanding with more information over the next few months.

If you would like to send me a message, the fastest way to reach me is on Skype. Just search my Skype name:  teenageceo

. . but please don’t go telling everybody my Skype address because I don’t want the whole world sending me messages, just my members!

I will be expanding this area soon.

Many thanks!


- Justin


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2 thoughts on “Members Area

  1. i am a catcher for my highschool, im gonna be a sophmore. i was wondering when the best time to start looking into schools to go to in the future ? and when to start going to a couple show cases and how to get in a few. also i was wondering f u knew any catcher work outs i have tryed to find a couple and nothing is really poping out at me .

    Thanks, Mikey Semmens Jr

    • Mikey, now is the best time for you to start looking into schools for the future. As a sophomore, you don’t really need to make a recruiting video at this point, but definitely start contacting schools and checking out their websites.

      As for the showcases, most of them you can find online and sign up for. Just do a search for “baseball showcases” in your city or state.

      I’ll try to do a video on catcher workouts for you! :)

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