Inner Circle – $25

As an Inner Circle member, you will receive UNLIMITED access to all of the following:


Enjoy multiple interviews with strength experts, baseball players, and coaches to help you understand the steps it takes to achieve your goals.

The Recruiting Process

Over 30 minutes of video instruction walking you through how to contact coaches, how to register with the NCAA Clearinghouse, how to find showcases actually worth the money, how to get a baseball scholarship, and more! Included is an example resume and cover letter to send to coaches that I have personally used and had success with!


The Beep Test, the ‘Big League’ conditioning test, and many of the other baseball workouts included will have you working on your ‘baseball specific’ muscles and will not only help you develop strength, but also MENTAL TOUGHNESS that will carry you through games and seasons! Although any workout is effective if done properly, I take you by the hand and show you my exact workouts I currently use to keep me in shape. I’m not a bodybuilder by any means, but I am a very strong and athletic person and my workouts have been proven to work – I’ve helped countless people reach their fitness goals. If you need an exercise program that works, this will be the area for you! I also discuss how to get motivated and excited to workout, practice, or play!

Workout Motivation

In order to get the most benefits from your workout, you need to be motivated and pumped up in the gym! This will allow you to be 100% focused on all your exercises and it will make your body exert the maximum amount of effort it can, increasing the reps, weight, and strength of your body! I’ve created a 25 minute video teaching you what you need to get pumped up, excited, and ready to create the body of your dreams!


23 minutes of HD video talking about what to put in your body in order to receive the most out of it! We go in-depth with fats, micro-nutrients, macro-nutrients, proteins, and more. I’ve also included 43 great protein sources that will help build muscle.

Dynamite Hitting

As seen at, 2 hours of HD video on the fundamentals of hitting. Topics include mental approach, bat selection, the proper grip, stance, stride, hands and head, bat speed, developing built-in mechanics, common hitting mistakes, bunting, and drills! Tim and Justin’s famous hitting training program, “Dynamite Hitting,” currently sells for $39.95 on the market!

(Click here to take a look at the website and watch a video discussing what is inside Dynamite Hitting)

Strength Course

Find out exactly what works and what doesn’t by going through this training program! I discuss the mistakes and pitfalls I had on my way to a great physique and show you how to avoid them. This is the perfect program to help anyone blowtorch body fat, triple your strength, and develop killer conditioning in two weeks or less! This course normally sells for $97! Between the Strength Course and Dynamite Hitting, you save $135.95 by enrolling as an inner circle member! This course combines video, .MP3s, and eBooks to give you the foundation for success in fitness! There are two (2) eBooks that talk about how to TRIPLE your gains and how to make your body drive like a champion, three (3) videos on topics such as dieting, supplements, and workouts, and eight (8) audio tracks on motivation, how to create a training plan, how to find your weaknesses, how to get more results in less time, etc.

Submit a Question

Get Direct Access to Me! No stone goes un-turned with the ability to ask me questions and receive LIVE Q&A phone calls or Skype calls. Do you have a question about anything baseball related? Ask me and we will have a conversation today!

Inner Circle Facebook Group

Are you sick of having your strength and conditioning or baseball questions going unanswered? This is exactly why I’ve created a private Facebook group for inner circle members only. Just like anyone else, I get busy from time to time and I may not be able to answer your questions as quickly as you’d like. If this is the case or you’re looking for additional help, you can ask the community of members and have numerous people reply to your post. This group will serve as our discussion forum and will allow members to connect with other members and provide useful tips, tricks, drills, workouts, etc.