How to Master a Skill: Teach It to Others

Today I had the privilege of coaching an 11u baseball team in Colorado Springs. I was asked by one of my good friends to come help the team and coach the outfielders on various different fundamental skills. I worked with them on getting behind the ball on a base hit, taking a drop stop, blocking the sun with their hand, taking good angles to the ball, hitting their cutoff man, etc.

It was a lot of fun and it makes me realize how much I truly love the game of baseball.

Anyway, I wanted to show you a little secret on “How to Master a Skill.” 

squeezeWhether you’re looking to master the skill and art of playing a sport such as baseball or even if you want to learn and perfect how to play guitar, this secret will help you. You ready? It’s very simple. Teach it to others. Learn how to coach that particular skill. One thing you’ll instantly notice is that it is a lot harder to coach a skill than it may be for you to simply do it. For example, I am a pretty good golfer. I can strike the ball well and put it where I want it.. most of the time. However, if you put me on a driving range and tell me to coach the golf swing to a person I don’t know, I probably wouldn’t do that phenomenal of a job. The reason for this is because I am not an expert at golf yet. I have not mastered that skill.

Even with baseball, I am a college player and my dad played professional ball. I’ve been around the game for a very long time, but coaching is a whole different animal. When I started making YouTube videos at and when I started doing private lessons, I really began to learn the intricacies of the game and it took my skills to the next level.

So here’s my suggestion: If you want to master a skill, start teaching it to others. It will definitely be a challenge for the first few hours, days, or weeks. But, it will help propel you to the next level because you will need to study and learn how to share and teach the skill to others, ensuring that you have fully mastered the skill yourself and know how to do it.

That’s all for today! Leave a comment and let me know what you think. A new YouTube video will be coming soon and more blog posts are on the way! I am also creating a new radio show!

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