How Reading Can Effect Your Baseball Game

I’ll admit it.. in the past I have not been incredibly fond of reading. I am a very visual person and I would much rather sit down and watch a movie or a few YouTube videos to learn something rather than read about it. However, over the past few weeks, I have really started to enjoy reading more. Going at your own pace and being able to quickly re-read something is definitely a plus. I can directly apply theories and methods to my own life with my own visuals.


With iPhones, iPads, and other tablet devices, downloading and reading books is a breeze. I can take hundreds of books with me wherever I go without the hassle of lugging around a physical product. Instead of paying $10-$25 bucks on an actual book, I can spend 99 cents and get a digital copy, otherwise known as an eBook.


Technology is booming and this bandwagon is something to consider jumping on. Learn as much as you can and absorb as much information as possible.. it will help you in whatever endeavors you choose in life.

Here is a short video where I go more in depth about “good reads.”

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