1 Easy Method to Improve Your Batting Average

If you’re looking to raise your batting average, this video and this blog post are very important for you. You see, the first step in raising your batting average and becoming a better hitter is to forget about your batting average! It may sound hard to do, but you need to start worrying about consistently putting together quality bats, game in and game out.

A quality about can be a variety of different things. If there’s less than two outs and a runner on third base, hit a deep fly ball and get that run in! Sacrifice flies, sacrifice bunts, and anything else that will help your team win may be considered a quality at bat.

In my opinion, I believe college and professional baseball should start to develop a quality at-bat system instead of the batting average. There should be something like a quality at-bats champion at the end of the year instead of having a batting average title winner!

Don’t get me wrong, the batting average is important, but it should NOT be part of your mindset at the plate or in your daily thought process. When you step in the box, you should not be thinking about what your batting average will be if you get some hits or what it won’t be if you strike out. You should worry about creating a quality at-bat every time.

Now a simple thing that will help you increase your batting average is to be ready to hit when you step in the box. I see so many youth, high school, college, and even professional hitters watch a first pitch fastball right down the middle of the plate. You should be ready to compete, battle, and when each pitch! Every pitcher is trying to get ahead in the count on every single hitter. No pitcher wants to throw a first pitch fastball high or in the dirt, inside or outside, they want to throw a strike. As a hitter, you need to counteract this and be ready to hit the first pitch. If it’s a curveball or any sort of offspeed pitch, lay off it. That’s what you have two more strikes for. But never, and I repeat never, miss a first pitch fastball. Most of the time, that first pitch fastball may be the best pitch you will receive that entire at-bat.

Enjoy the video and make sure you leave a comment on this blog post and share it with all your friends! I’ll see you soon!

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